December 3, 2015

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About The Firm

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We consider ourselves “Mindful Lawyers”.  What is a Mindful Lawyer? We are lawyers who live the concepts and principles found in the world of personal development and apply them to the practice of law.  This means, essentially, that we are intentional about our commitment to your vision and results.  As you read on, you will notice this is not your ordinary lawyer website. The purpose of its content is to enroll you, our future client, into our vision of the practice of law. While we celebrate our legal accolades in our personal profiles like all other attorneys, in the following pages we are more interested in opening up a conversation about how the mindful practice of law can support you in creating extraordinary results in your legal case, life and business through the concepts of intentionality, commitment and team.

We are in interesting and exciting times.   Humanity is evolving and we as “Mindful Lawyers” are working on transforming the legal paradigm from conflict to creation.   As the world transitions from one of muscling through conflicts to one that seeks to transform those conflicts into valuable solutions, we provide business transformation and litigation counsel to clients who are up to shifting their perspective from old belief systems which seek to “solve” a problem to generating effective results in a space of “what’s possible” to generate a “win-win”.     

We come from a traditional legal background representing clients trying their case through the traditional legal system.  We are excellent trial lawyers with a list of accomplishments in standard litigation cases that compare with any good lawyer.   Most of our clients come to us when they are in a legal crisis or a legal problem has occurred in their personal life, career or small business.   When we meet our clients with a legal challenge, we immediately create an environment of safe space to discuss the matter vulnerably, openly and authentically.   We operate from a standard of excellence and urgency so that our clients feel a sense of safety and comfort.  We come from the space of: “We got you”.   Over the last couple of years, our professionals dove deep into the environment of personal development where we worked on installing new personal operating systems which are commitment based and vision driven.   In our practice, we have married the concepts of personal development with the practice of law which is extremely rare yet effective.  In short, we as mindful lawyers suggest that traditional methods of conflict resolution do not support the otherwise creative process.  We are lawyers and coaches.  Our goal and vision is to harness transformational training and coaching to eliminate the need for legal disputes resolved solely through expensive litigation.  We are mindful lawyers creating the shift in business and litigation from the point of reaction to the advantageous point of anticipation. 

Similarly, our representation of businesses focuses on transforming your business by defining its identity and culture.  As with our representation of clients already in traditional litigation, we accomplish this through some traditional means, such as designing your business documents, operating agreements and employee manuals.  Where tradition ends, we begin.  You didn’t create your business to act and look like it was built by your parents.   We work with our clients to create the vision for their business and then coach them to be accountable to their goals.  We create an atmosphere of team driven by a commitment to excellence.  We emphasize the concept that a few dollars spent on anticipation will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation “solving” the problem.   We invite you for a no obligation consultation.  Our goal in any representation, whether that be in litigation or business transformation, is to be intentional about the results we are committed to achieving.

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