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Employment Discrimination

Employees may hesitate to take legal action regarding harassment on the job, a hostile work environment or discrimination in the workplace. These issues can be hard to prove. However, when discrimination leads to wrongful termination, it suddenly becomes critical to seek answers and help. At Farrow Law, P.A., we help employees and employers devise strategies to address workplace problems.

Employers likewise face legal questions and challenges. Small businesses aim to protect themselves from employment litigation. They need advice and assistance in preventing and resolving accusations of discrimination through:

  • Employment manuals
  • Training
  • Workplace procedures and practices

On-The-Job Issues That Often Affect Employees And Employers

Farrow Law, P.A., welcomes the opportunity to provide employment law counsel and representation to both employees and employers. Request a no-obligation initial consultation with a lawyer in our Davie law offices regarding any of the following:

Racial discrimination apparent in hiring, promotion, demotion or layoffs
Religious discrimination in the workplace, such as failure to reasonably accommodate moral objections or requested scheduling modifications
Illegal wage and hour practices, such as off-the-clock work requirements for hourly employees
Violation of trade secrets agreements or noncompete agreements

A first step toward resolving an employment law matter may be to attempt a negotiated resolution. A next step may be to report illegal practices to a government agency, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Florida Commission on Human Relations. For more challenging and high-stakes cases, litigation may be appropriate and necessary.
Contact A Davie Employment Law Attorney Handling Discrimination Claims And Wrongful Termination Cases

We can answer your questions and recommend a course of action suitable to your employment law concerns in Florida. Employees and employers alike are welcome to call 954-252-9818 or send an email message.