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Farrow Law Firm Files $30 Million Civil Racketeering Lawsuit Against Fly Victor

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The Farrow Law Firm has filed a Complaint in the Federal Court alleging the principles of London based FLYVICTOR.com  (Fly Victor) and Alyssum Group including Clive Jackson engaged in unlawful criminal conduct, including investor fraud, mail and wire fraud, tax evasion and money laundering in violation of the Federal CIVIL RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS ACT (“Civil RICO”) which defrauded Plaintiff out of millions of dollars.

The Complaint alleges Civil RICO Defendants Clive Jackson, Bernardus Vorster, Dan Northover and John Doe (s) conspired to participate in and conduct affairs of a RICO ENTERPRISE through a pattern of racketeering activity.  This activity included illicit transfers to defunct corporations owned by the Civil RICO Defendants in the form of “consulting fees” – activity not disclosed to investors with money which otherwise belonged to Plaintiff.   “To this point, Defendants have been aggressively attempting to dodge process servers in London,” says lead Attorney Jay Farrow. 

The criminal enterprise of this case involves numerous acts of fraud, deceit, manipulation and the destruction of Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s property.  According to the highly detailed lawsuit, the RICO Defendants are professional money launderers who purposely conceived, developed and prosecuted a scheme to defraud Plaintiff out of tens of millions of dollars of revenue remuneration.

Alleged Activities:

  • Monies and illicit gains were used by the RICO Defendants to “pump up” the health and value of Defendant Fly Victor to lure unsuspecting investors to infuse funding.
  • RICO Defendants then funneled money out of Defendant Fly Victor into a spider web of international corporate entities, which they are the exclusive directors and corporate officers.
  • In the process of these and other racketeering activities, RICO Defendants may have engaged in “Unfair and Deceptive Practices“, which could negatively impact Plaintiff’s assets and their ability to generate future revenue.

Regulatory expert and attorney for the Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger (a Washington D.C. Law Firm) Jol Silversmith stated, “The DOT may impose a civil penalty of more than $32,000 both per violation and per day for these DOT violations. No matter how calculated, the potential maximum penalty is both serious and significant accounting to millions of dollars in penalties.”

“Our team of private investigators continue to uncover illicit activities by the RICO Defendants and in addition to possible tax evasion and bank fraud charges, we have begun investigating Class Action claims as outlined in the complaint by Attorney Jol Silversmith,” said Jay Farrow of the Farrow Law Firm. “These RICO Defendants need to be held accountable for their nefarious actions.”

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