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Farrow Law Firm Announces Amicable Settlement and Dismissal of NuView IRA Relating to Ongoing Civil Racketeering Case Against John Ritenour, Heath Ritenour and Insurance Office of America, Inc.

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View the full Press Release HERE or read the article on prnewsire.com

The road of litigation can be uncertain, but the direction must be clear – that being the best interest of the client. During complex litigation, many times parts of a case resolve themselves while others remain ongoing. This can happen for a variety of reasons and solutions are pieces of the puzzle. We recently settled claims in a couple ongoing cases with co-Defendants. This bears illuminating because it speaks to the desire to accomplish resolutions which serve as a “win-win”. Claims within a case can be amicably resolved between parties with a commitment to communication and out of the box thinking. Clients working with their attorneys can yield POWERFUL and productive results. Picking up the phone, sending an email with the spirit of “what can we do together” may seem oldfashioned AND it works. We want to acknowledge all of those legal professionals who do have the courage to engage in productive dialogue to achieve results.