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We are mindful lawyers creating the shift in business and litigation from the point of reaction to the advantageous point of anticipation. Where tradition ends, we begin. We create an atmosphere of team driven by a commitment to excellence.

We emphasize the concept that a few dollars spent on anticipation will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation “solving” the problem. We invite you for a no-obligation consultation. Our goal in any representation, whether that be in litigation or business transformation, is to be intentional about the results we are committed to achieving.

– 2008, Opening

Farrow Law Firm opened it’s doors to serve the rights of the people of the State of Florida and New York.

– 2008 to Present, Foreclosures Saved!

Since 2008, we have represented hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure.

2008 – Present, We’re in New York!

Attorney Jay Farrow is licensed in Florida as well as the state of New York. This means my good snow bird friends can have one attorney to handle all your affairs from January to December!

Practice Areas

Attorney Jay Farrow is licensed in Florida as well as New York to represent you during almost any situation. While we represent many different types of legal situations, we primarily focus on the following areas:

Civil Litigation & Debt Defense


Civil Litigation

Unjust damages, costs, or any claims against you, your family, or business.
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