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“There is nothing business about being ripped off – it is always personal.”

– Founder Attorney J. Lewis Farrow.

The new normal of today’s business world seemingly allows bosses and CEOs to bully others and get away with it using money, power and unfortunately the legal system itself.  Solving today’s complex legal problems requires a new level of thinking and application of unorthodox methods of legal practice which focus on urgency and relentless obsession to exert maximum pressure.   Nobody wins when cases take years to resolve, especially not the underdog.   We are the lawyers for those courageous enough to fight back against this new normal of greed and power.

We focus on supporting individuals and businesses who are victims of stolen trust, money and property.  We prosecute organized business crimes and fraud in federal and state civil courts.   This means that when a group of people act together to steal, scheme and defraud, we use specific laws that allow us to use the civil courts to remedy criminal behavior and practices.    This is serious and complex work that requires teamwork and a commitment from our clients to be ready to take massive action to bring the fight to the bully.

BULLIES DON’T DISCRIMINATE.   While we serve diverse clientele, we emphasize that anyone can be a victim of business bullies.  In fact, our firm discretely and compassionately specializes on representing people who society thinks have it all.  However, all too often, money and success also attract unscrupulous individuals who exploit vulnerabilities and people as they steal wealth, trust and reputations.    We know that anyone can be the victim of a bully and we also know that our clients need the legal gloves to come off while keeping a low profile, especially when the “bad guys” were former friends, business partners or continue to swim in the same social circles.   We know that our cases aren’t only about money, they are about self-respect, dignity and standing up to that bully – the true David versus Goliath struggle.

We are unorthodox, heavy-handed, creative and relentless in our pursuit of justice. We employ strategies and tactics from former federal prosecutors and federal agents we work with in our pre-suit investigations to uncover the roots and scope of illegal fraud and deceit.  We are obsessed with getting back what belongs to you.  Through years of rigorous study practice and willingness to do what it takes, we believe we have found to be the most cost and time effective legal way to achieve justice.

We are legal muscle pure and simple.  We don’t apologize or delay in the pursuit of what is right and just.

We choose our cases carefully and our exclusive clientele is by invitation after a complimentary consultation.   We look forward to showing you what is possible when you are committed to the relentless pursuit of justice.


Relentless Pursuit of Justice

Our Team

Jay Farrow – Founder

My name is Jay Farrow and my mission is to support people to find their voice and stand up for themselves. Anyone can be bullied and of all my accomplishments, I am most proud of finding my own voice through my struggles and challenges with bullies.
It starts with hope and finding that you are not alone. Over my legal career, I have always been able to find hope to help any person going through a difficult time in their life. Hope generates creativity, support and new level of thinking. This new level of thinking develops the key to success – a new mindset of possibility. One of my favorite sayings is: “those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both right”. Applying a new mindset and unorthodox thinking has provided me the tools to create a legal solution for every legal problem. We put a man on the moon, believe me, there is a way to go about resolving any legal dispute.
Life is not a straight line and neither is the practice of law. When I was in law school at the University of Miami where I graduated, cum laude in 2002, I learned about the law and generally that the courts are where one resolves legal disputes. After being sworn in to the Florida Bar in 2003 and the New York Bar in 2005, I worked in law firms which billed by the hour, where cases dragged on and nothing ever seemed to get done. It was like the lawyers were the only ones winning in the court drama. Time after time, I never saw clients happy with how the judge or jury decided – even when they “won”.
The model of filing a lawsuit and being at the mercy of an overburdened court system seemed to only benefit large corporations or people with a lot of power and money. Even if the underdog had a great case, the purposeful delays and cost of litigation lead me to study and develop a new manner and mindset to practice law. This model insists that the client comes first. This means that the old “bill by the hour” modality had to go in favor of tailor made retainers that fit the client. This also means that filing a lawsuit and asking questions later had to be turned on its head. To this end, I transformed FLF to do most of its investigation and legal drafting pre-suit. Unquestionably, we are living in extraordinary times and investigative technologies are stunningly effective for discovering information about people and businesses that used to take years in litigation. I believe in “checkmating” out of the gate and this produces results that have minimized the time for achieving wins to months in some cases as opposed to three or more years.
One of the most outstanding achievements of this new approach is the amount of cases I never file because they are resolved completely and discretely pre-suit. This means that no one, including my client’s adversary, has to be dragged through years of uncertainty and delay.
Building this new type of law practice didn’t happen overnight and I am committed to learn more each day.

“Those who can see the invisible, can do the impossible”.

Headshot of Janine

Janine Davis – Law Practice Administrator

Ms. Davis comes to the law from a diverse business background in the financial industry, working with Developers in Real Estate and managing, growing a Fine Jewelry company.  With an avid interest in the humanities she is also a Life Coach, receiving her coaching education from the University of Miami in 2016.  The diversity of her experience lends itself to client services and the practice as she is committed to connection and communication.

Headshot of Gina

Meera Koodie – Attorney at Law

Meera Koodie joined Farrow Law Firm in 2018 and has been a stellar contribution to the team. She has a brilliant legal mind and upholds the firms highest value – the zealous pursuit of Justice.  Her career in the law began in 1999 as a paralegal for 16 years with experience as a Senior Litigation Paralegal in civil litigation and creditors rights.  In 2015 Ms. Koodie made the courageous choice to attend law school, she graduated Cum Laude from Nova Southeastern University in December 2017.

During Law School:

– Health Law Writing Competitor, AUWCL National Health Law Writing Competition – March 2018

– Research/Teacher’s Assistant, 2016 – August 2017

– Vice President, NSU Fashion Law Association, 2016 – 2017

– Transactional Negotiation Competitor, Startup Law Meets, December 2016 – March 2017

– Member, Florida Association of Women Lawyers, 2015 – present

– Member, Caribbean Law Student Association, 2016 – present

– Member, Immigration Law Organization, 2015 – present

– Internship, Broward County Board of Commissioners, May – July 2016

Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Legal Department

Our Practice Areas

Farrow Law Firm focuses its practice on prosecuting claims for Civil Racketeering. Federal and State Civil Racketeering statutes were first enacted to assist law enforcement in taking down organized crime. When the statutes were being revised by Congress and state legislatures, it was thought that individuals and businesses who may not look like the traditional “mob” could potentially act in such a concerted way as to steal and cheat while committing criminal acts in the process. The Federal and State Civil Racketeering laws generally provide for a monetary remedy in circumstances where a group of people work together to illegally deprive victims of money or property. These laws have teeth and provide for three times the amount of money damages and an award of attorney’s fees and costs for successful litigants.

About Civil Racketeering

We use Federal and State Civil Racketeering laws to prosecute business fraud and they allow us to cast a wide investigative net.  In many instances, family members, former business partners, and spouses get caught up in these schemes and become named Defendants.

If you have been the victim of business fraud, there is a possibility crimes were committed in the process.  Call us today for a complimentary consultation to see if you have been the victim of Federal or State Civil Racketeering.

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